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Customer Satisfaction and employee empowerment are the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.

HCC Group is committed to providing a work environment, locally and globally, that provides safety, employee welfare and growth opportunities.


We will have a safety and health system which will minimize losses with an ultimate goal of a minimum amount of work related injuries and illnesses.


Maintaining a safe work environment is the top priority of the leadership of this organization and must be a personal goal of every employee.


Each and every employee is strongly urged to make safety and health an integral part of their daily activities.


Each employee is responsible for following all established safety procedures by accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely; we will contribute to the well-being of one another and consequently the entire company.


Our entire staff is responsible and accountable for leadership that will insure the success of the overall safety program, providing all resources, such as necessary training for an effective prevention program.


General Mine Safety Awareness

The course provides a general overview of mine safety and offers an introduction to: Saskatchewan Mining Regulations, OH&S Regulations, and Saskatchewan Employment Act. HCC Group is recognized as a Sakatchewan Polytechnic Certified Trainer.

Explosive/Blasting Courses

For the safe storage, transportation and use. The course will cover types of high explosives, blasting agents, detonators, the detonating process and safe method of using, storing and transporting explosives. You will be given opportunities to become more familiar with explosives through active participation in the field.

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