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Raw Ore Storage and Surge Bin Excavation

HCC Mining successfully excavated 3 raw ore storage bins and 1 surge bin. This project consisted of raise boring activities as well as general excavation of the bins and muck disposal per engineered design. The designs of these bins included a high level of detail and presented the following challenges:

  • Total depth of over 100’

  • Multiple diameters changes, including conical section

  • Muck hauling distance


This project was completed with zero hurts and ahead of schedule.

Ore Storage Development

This project was a predecessor to the Ore Storage and Surge Bin Excavation and consisted of the following:

  • ~5,000 ft of new drift excavation including four new declines

  •  ~11,000 ft of existing drift rehabilitation


HCC utilized their heavy equipment fleet to complete this work successfully. Key components included drum miners, Alpine miner, Stamler feeders and scoops all provided and maintained by HCC. This project took over 200,000 person hours to complete and the goal of zero hurts was achieved.


North Bin Remediation

Ground movement stress caused the bin columns to deform which made the structure unstable. The bin was taken out of operations due to the extent of damage. HCC was hired to fix the issues and come up with best course of action to execute the job economically and, more importantly, safely. HCC completed the following:

  • Trenching down to the clay seam on both sides the length of the bin to alleviate ground pressure that may cause further damage

  • Removing interior hang-ups and thoroughly cleaning in order to inspect the structural steel

  • Removing platforms and stairs

  • Installing 10 tons of structural steel to reinforce the existing structure and prepare it for jacking

  • Building jacking cribs at each ram location

  • Lifting the approximate 500-ton load

  • Cutting off deformed columns and welding new replacements

  • Removing shims and concrete pedestals

  • Casting new concrete pedestals in place under each column

  • Lowering the Bin structure approximately 18” to new design elevation

  • Installing shims

  • Leveling structure and securing to pedestal

South Bin Remediation

Ore bin required additional structural steel to reinforce areas showing fatigue. Highlights included:

  • Installing 9 tons of structural steel including welding new bolts plates for beams, beams, stiffeners, gussets, etc.

  • Inspecting all components of bin structure included bolts connections and welded connections throughout the interior and exterior

  • Repairing damage to doghouse and plow


During bin inspection a high percentage of bolts were found to be damaged and were replaced. It was also found that a lot of the interior/exterior welds were damaged which also required repairs. This project was finished on schedule and without incident.

South Bin Remediation.png

Building 6ea New Silo Bins

HCC constructed 6 new underground ore storage bins. Highlights include:

  • Lowering and hauling approximately 2.75 million pounds of structural steel

  • Slashing drifts per design

  • Excavating and upper and lower hitch pockets

  • Excavating bin cavity connecting upper and lower drifts

  • Installing required ground support in all excavations

  • Forming and pouring all concrete for upper and lower hitch pads

  • Assembling, welding and installing upper hitch beam steel

  • Lifting upper hitch beams into place and setting on concrete pads, including a critical lift of 130,000 lbs

  • Erecting and welding ring steel for pant leg structure

  • Lifting and securing bin structure to upper hitch beams, including a critical lift of 120,000 lbs

  • Assembling, welding, and installing lower hitch steel

  • Installing mechanical components including vibratory feeders

  • Installing tripper steel and chutes

  • Installing new conveyor belt line in both the upper and lower bin drift


This project was completed successfully – under budget, on schedule and most importantly with ZERO hurts!

Silo Bins (002).jpg

New Assembly Shop Construction

Concrete Scope

  • Excavated slab locations so that finished slabs are level with existing floor

  • Formed, placed rebar and poured 9ea separate slabs

  • Total 140 cubic yards of concrete

  • Largest slab 180’ L x 25’ W


Bridge Crane Installation

  • 260ft long run with a 44ft span

  • 4ea bridges with 6ea total crane hoists

  • 28ea crane hangers secured with 392ea 10ft L, #10 Dywidags


Compressed Air System Installation

  • Rotary screw air compressor, dryer, pre filter, 500 gallon receiver tank, piping, and accessories

  • Scope included material procurement


Electrical Scope

  • Managed subcontractor who carried out the electrical install


Mechanical Equipment Install

  • Installed work stations, hose crimper, condensate pump, hose crimper, hydraulic press, sand blasting unit, dust collector, drill press, Scotchman iron worker, band saw and feed table, parts washer and office building

New Assembly Shop.jpg

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